Missing install archive

By Captain828
Apr 10, 2007
  1. I have a problem with my Double Agent DVD; I tried installing and it always gives an error at a certain point
    I tried wiping the disc.. still nothing. I guess the issue is tear-and-wear (it has some scratches)

    Anyways, the point is I once made a backup of it on 2 DVDs (my SCDA is on a DVD9) for a friend; he told me that one of .cab archives is missing
    When I tried installing from my 2 DVDs version, it all worked ok, but Data8.cab is mising
    I double checked it and, yeah, it's missing

    So if someone can pls upload "data8.cab" located on the SCDA DVD in "Disk7" I would be forever greatful.

    EDIT: it has 650MB... I guess :( , so it will take a while (use RapidShare or Filefront for upping)
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