mn-520 PCMCIA wireless card drivers

By yes
Mar 5, 2006
  1. I lost my disk for my mn-520 PCMCIA wireless card. I need the drivers please! :hotbounce
  2. TS Rookie Posts: 98

    im pretty sure thatll work
  3. gregorydearth

    gregorydearth TS Rookie

    Everybody, quit worrying about missing drivers. I joined (FREE) and not only did I just download the MN520 driver last night for my laptop, but have downloaded nearly all of my drivers from them for 3 years now. THey always have what I need.

    Save the MN520 driver found at their site to a floppy. Then launch the file from the floppy in your laptop. It did not even require a reboot and my internet started working through my router instantly without needing any further settings.

    I have my MN520 working at excellent cable modem speed in my 166mhz DEC laptop with only 97MB of ram. I am running 2000 pro, though. So I am not sure of other operating systems.

    Seriously, get a free account and leave your worries behind. NO I do not work for them.
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