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Apr 14, 2010
  1. Instead of replacing all the guts of my PC, I just want to upgrade the Motherboard. Something that works with everything I already have, something inexpensive, because I think I'm building another computer altogether, and something that's an upgrade t what I had.
    Here is a picture of what I had in there.
    That's just about, if not exactly, identical to whats in there now.
    I would like a board/processor. I want to get 'er running faster. I see a ton of MoBos on newegg and other sites, but figured I'd ask here and get some help finding "the best" older motherboard so everything I have works.
    Thanks a ton for any help.
  2. Ritwik7

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    Are you only looking to get a motherboard? Or a processor too. If you would also post your specifications so we know which motherboard to recommend.
  3. GNS1310

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    Been awhile since I've had 'er up and running, so some of specifics I'm not sure of. One video card is AGP, thought that was shot so bought a PCI, that's not working either. No pci-e slots, I was running dual monitors. Sound card is pci. I want to say I was running an Athlon processor, and yes, I want to upgrade that as well. Speed is key. Dual hard d rives, 250 and an 80. I have a 750 watt power supply that's next to new. Not sure what else ya need to specs? Going to be running XP pro, not a gaming machine, mostly internet, poker, music, movies that sort of thing. Thanks for the quick response!
  4. Ritwik7

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    Any budget you have in mind for the upgrade? I feel that you could reuse the PSU and just build yourself a cheap system using an Athlon II X2 processor on an AM3 platform.
  5. GNS1310

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    Yeah, psu is basically new. I figured I could get up and running for a couple hundred bucks. Just finding the fastest/best motherboard that fits my system is the trick. I wouldn't want to spend more than $200-$300.
  6. Ritwik7

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  7. GNS1310

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    Giving this a bump after almost a month!

    OK. Lots of questions. First, I came into some money, so I want to spend a little more on this and not bother with a second machine. I want to build a beast, but again, not a gaming rig. I want storage and speed, lots of speed. I want to improve download speed, computer speed in general, etc.

    The Board in the link looks good, it has a pci-e slot, (I have no pci-e cards)so I'd definitely buy a pci-e video card. Looks like everything else would hook up the same.
    Is this still the board I should use? I can spend a bit more on something better, I just don't want to go nuts. I'd like to stay between $500-$1000. Going a bit over is fine.

    I'm also looking to get a Wi-Fi card so I don't have to plug into the PC anymore, move the router to another part of the room, and a decent wireless printer. (spending maybe $150 on those)

    Next question...speed related. I have a wireless-G router, does upgrading to an N give me a boost? (I'm going to get Road Runners speed boost)

    I'm guessing I'd rather run a 64bit system...don't know much about that area.

    I have a few pics I took of my board, case, guts, etc if any of them will help.
  8. Ritwik7

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    $500 - $1000 is too wide a range to recommend a system. Give a maximum figure that you would ideally like to stay within.

    Also, the $1000 mark can get you a pretty decent video card too. But since you don't want a gaming machine it would be a waste.
  9. GNS1310

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    I guess $1,000 max. If I can get a much better Board or CPU or anything like that by spending another 100 or 200, its fine. I do have a nice 25.5 HD monitor that i'll be hooking up...also have a smaller monitor, so I gotta have a dual card.
    Most important is power and speed.
  10. Ritwik7

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    For a little above $1000 I would go with:

    Intel Core i7-930 Bloomfield 2.8GHz - $288.99
    ASUS P6X58D-E LGA 1366 Intel X58 - $239.99
    G.SKILL 6GB (3 x 2GB) DDR3 1600 - $169.99
    BFG Tech GS-550 550W PSU - $59.99
    XFX Radeon HD 4770 512MB - $104.99
    HITACHI Deskstar 2TB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache - $139.99
    COOLER MASTER RC-690 - $69.99
    Sony Optiarc AD 7240S - $21.99

    TOTAL - $1095.92

    Note: You could save on some money by opting for 1TB HDD instead of the 2TB I've suggested. Opting for an AMD Phenom II X4 / X6 based system may also save some more.
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