Monitor Problems.... Help??

By csnailnrun
Aug 9, 2005
  1. So I put in a used P3 in my sisters comp. It is a 600mhz, power:2.05v, Stepping: SL3JM. Well the comp will start up, but the monitor will not turn on. (the comp. has set for about 3months) WHat is this all about.. bad video card, incompatable cpu?? Thank you for you all's help.

  2. >Minus<

    >Minus< TS Rookie

    If all the other parts are mechanically working its probably you're graphics/video card. what video card have you got in that comp?
  3. ChineseTechie

    ChineseTechie TS Rookie Posts: 85

    Hi Ryan,

    What do you mean by computer will start up?? Will make noice like normal but just no picture?? Or it loads and then quiets down after a little while??

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