Monitor shuts down at startup, I accidently disabled something in F1 settings

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May 18, 2009
  1. My computer was restarting by itself before I can see desktop, probably a virus. Anyways I hit F1 at restart to play with settings. I highlighted something, I think it said something about board, but when I disabled it and restarted, now my monitor powers off the second I shut computer on. There is a good possibility that other things (mouse, keyboard, etc..) may be disabled as well. I don't know because I can't see a damn thing through the monitor. Disc drive still opens and I'm sure the pcu is working because the light comes on and the fan. How can I restore this to where I can see my monitor? By the way it's Windows Xp.
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    Try booting to safe mode.
    F8 after power up and before the splash screen.

    FOZZY DA BEAR TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Dude, that's the problem. I can't even see the splash screen. My monitor is powered down the second I shut on the cpu as if it was signaling my monitor to do so.

    FOZZY DA BEAR TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I'm sorry I had to post this reply twice. I figured if I quote and reply to B00kWyrm's comment, then maybe you will be notified in your email.

    Dude, that's the problem. I can't even see the splash screen. My monitor is powered down the second I shut on the cpu as if it was signaling my monitor to do so.
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    I did not quote you, but you received email notification of my reply, yes?;)
    It is preferred "form" here to use edit rather than reply to your own notes.

    So... Let's see if I am starting to get the picture.
    You used F1 to adjust your BIOS settings. Now, your computer is fubar... Hence the warning often seen...
    It is probable that we can restore your BIOS settings to factory default but, to do so, we need more information.

    Tell us details about your computer...
    Mainboard - Make and Model
    Cards installed
    OS = XP (Home? 64? also including SP if applicable).
    (not essential at this point, but likely will become important soon)
    (Adjust the above as needed for a laptop!)

    Finally, if your initial issues are due to virus, BIOS settings are not going to be any help to you.
    Once we have you restored to the point you can see your monitor, and hopefully boot to safe mode,
    we will need for you to go to the Virus and Malware area,
    read the three stickies at the top, and if you decide to clean rather than follow the other Sage Advice, then
    following the 8 steps scrupulously,
    start your own thread there asking for help to get cleaned up.

    I would recommend that you read some more here before you do so, so that you minimize your chance of getting ignored or "dissed".
    In particular I would recommend the tutorial by Kimsland...
    Finally, remember that everyone here generously donates their time and expertise in order to be of assistance.
    Many (most?) you encounter here in one way or another do Tech Support professionally.
    For me, it is just a hobby.
    Several dozen people have already looked at your post here, and if I am not able to help you to at least get your monitor back, one of them likely will.

    FOZZY DA BEAR TS Rookie Topic Starter

    1.) You are correct, I did mess with the bios setting. And since I can't see that settings menu, I can't remember exactly which one it was. For some strange reason I only remember it saying something about only allowing the board. Which leads me to believe that the processor is fine. When I put a disc in the drive and press buttons on the keyboard it makes beeping sounds. Unfortunately I think I disabled all external devices to work from the bios settings. But I don't see a warning often seen, all I see is my monitor stating that it is 'powering down' immediately after I shut the processor on.

    2.) This was actually my mom's computer and I won't be near her computer for a few days but I told her I would research a solution for her for when I come back. Hence I don't know all her computer ramifications. Such as RAM, Processor, etc.... All I know for sure is that it was running XP and it is virtually a new computer. Well it is like 2 years old.

    3.) I'm not so worried about if the computer had a virus at this point only because I was able to get to the F1 settings menu and F8 menu for allowance to enter computer in safe mode. At least up until I disabled a setting in bios.

    4.) What I was initially trying to figure out if there was a way to restore those settings by using some sort of physical reset? I seen in another forum that I could possibly reset just by unplugging all external devices, then hold the power button for like 10 secs, and then replug the cables for all the external devices. Note: I haven't tried this yet.

    5.) Basically my mom doesn't care if she lost everything on the computer. If we could restart it back to factory settings, that's fine with her. So anything you can give worth doing, I'll try. If those computer criteria is very important in this case (Processor,RAM, etc..), then I'll have to get it one way or another.

    PS: Oh yeah I would use edit to refer to my own notes but, I thought by replying to your specific comment will alert your email seeing as if you did an advance comment response and opted to receive instant email notification. Because right now you seem to be a very educated considerate person, and I want you to be notified asap. You may be my only hope. Thanx 4 your help so far.
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    Hello Fozzy...
    Another hint... You can use edit constructively here... Go back and delete your quote of my note...
    Quoting in full does not really help... Quote a particular sentence or phrase if you feel it is helpful. But a mod is likely to delete the quote if you do not.

    In this note you mention beeps... this sounds like "POST Codes".
    You should take note of the beeps... how many, long and short, and what order.
    These are significant.

    On resetting the Bios... there are two likely ways of doing it...
    One involves keystrokes only, but since you are not even sure the keyboard is being recognized that may not work.
    The other involves opening the case and either removing a battery or setting a jumper.

    Either way (keystrokes, or Jumper/Battery manipulation) we need to know about the main board. This will tell us the BIOS, and thus give us the information we need to use the correct keystrokes. Alternatively, it will allow me to point you to the right place on the board to find the jumper and/or battery.

    There is a remote possibility that in some cases what you describe might work.
    What I want to do is give you something that definitely will work.
    Also, the more you mess with inside the case, the more chance you have of really fouling things up.

    So rather than have you open the case, unplug all your cards, drives, unseat your ram, etc... then power on, then power down, then reassemble ... well there are easier, safer and more sure methods.

    At this point I am on the road until late tomorrow evening Eastern Daylight Savings Time (I think that is GMT -5)... So likely will not be able to get back to you until after that... maybe Thur AM. I will check back here as soon as I can, and then make your reply my #1 priority.

    Don't be surprised if someone jumps in to help while I am away... Many good folk here!

    FOZZY DA BEAR TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I tried to use some of your tips on the reply. But if the mods get at me about not going the right way with getting some help, then I guess that's just the way it's going to be.

    Other than that, I'm going to try that 'pull the plugs and restart' thing when I get a chance. If that doesn't work, I'll try to get all the detailed info about the computer criteria so you can get more in depth to my issue.
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    Hey Fozzy... the edit looks great!
    I hope you did not run into difficulties using your unplug method.
    Please do take note of the POST Codes... they are important.
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