More HP licensing webOS talks, Samsung reportedly interested


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Earlier this month, we learned Hewlett-Packard was planning to do more with webOS than just put it on its tablets, smartphones, and PCs. In fact, earlier this month HP executives…

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I dunno, between iOS, Android and Windows, that's going to be a tough market to break into.

Reading a few reviews of the TouchPad, they basically reinvented the first iPad. Pretty cool if this was still 2010. And they're charging the same price.

If they even stand a prayer of competing, they need to lower the price point in order to attract users from the other three OS's, and then they need to pay developers to port the most successful apps to WebOS, and then maybe, maybe, they'll reach enough critical mass to become a competitor.

Right now what is the advantage of buying a WebOS product when it costs the same as Apple's products or Android products? The hardware is not as good, and you get less apps to choose from. Um, ok?