More problems on startup

By nosoup4crr
Aug 15, 2009
  1. Last night, I got a blue screen with a stop error code of 0x0000007F (0x0000000D). I restarted, and the computer seemed to be working fine. This morning, I got the same stop error code, except this time when I tried to restart, it said that one of my windows system configuration files was corrupted...and to repair it by using the windows CD.

    I inserted my windows CD, and I cannot get it to load setup. I've tried starting the computer w/ the CD already in the drive, and I've tried putting the CD in while at the "failure to start windows" screen. Neither work. The drive has power going to's opening and closing just fine.

    I know, through minimal research, that the stop error code is normally due to hardware failure. But, I'm unsure if it would have anything to do with an inability to start windows. Any ideas?
  2. nosoup4crr

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    could this all stem from a problem with my motherboard battery? now, when I try to start the computer up, the error code monitor just clicks...while the LED lights on the bottom of my motherboard flash lights repeatedly every have second or so...and it won't boot up to CMOS or anything. I think it might be the battery, although, I suppose it could be my power supply also?
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