Motherboard Suggestions for AMD XP 3200

By EvolZx6R
Jan 30, 2006
  1. So im currently running an MSI K7N2 Delta-L(MS-6570G) board using 2 512 PC3200 DDR 400 memory. also running an Nvidia Geforce2 MX 100/200 (64mb) vid card. I've been seeing higher than normal temps at idle (47-52 degrees) and have become quite annoyed at the screaming sounds from within my comp case. Its not loud, but its an annoying hum. (makes it hard to study). My case is completely open and running 2 fans + cpu and vidcard fans.

    Well a friend of mine suggested that I purchase a Zalman 7000B alum/cu cpu fan to cure me of these temp/noise issues. After purchasing the fan we discovered I couldnt install it because my motherboard didnt have the 4 holes needed to mount the fan hardware. Now im stuck with a fan i cant install.

    I've been recently on the search for motherboards and I was wondering if any of you could suggest a good Socket A (462) board for an AMD athlon xp 3200. I've checked out newegg and wasnt sure what would make a reliable board. At the moment im looking for a reliable motherboard I can mount this fan onto. I know it sounds stupid to get a mobo based on noise alone but im sick of dealing with all the noise and higher cpu temps.

    Please point me in the right direction. Help me Obe1 your my only hope :)
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    Entering "Zalman 7000B" + "socket a" in Google brought up this link, among others. -

    The Soyo KT400 Socket A board has the four mounting holes. Perhaps you can get one on eBay if you can't get one new. It's a good board.

    The other links may produce other boards.
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