Motorola takes customization to the next level with Moto X

Shawn Knight

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It’s been two full years since Google publically announced intentions to purchase Motorola Mobility in a move that CEO Larry Page said would “supercharge the Android ecosystem.” Motorola has launched a handful of smartphones since the summer of 2011 but...

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Jad Chaar

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The Moto X is great. Too bad it doesnt have a SD card slot and a high resolution like the competitors. Also, it kind of looks a bit cheap and the sensor placement at the top of the phone looks odd.


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So much hype, so much promise, so many disappointments.

The exclusive deals ruin what should have been a great launch. I'm not switching carriers just to customize a phone. And with no SD card AND a model with a reasonable amount of storage exclusive to one carrier... total, utter fail.

Google seriously needs to get over their SD card phobia. And if they want to make any measurable difference, they need to stop exclusivity.

I was very interested in this, but now, I could care less.


No SD card. That kinda hurts. Also, forgive me if I missed it in the article, but does the phone come rooted and with a SIM card slot? My hope with the Google phone was 'open' for me to use how I want. The exclusivity has me concerned. Am I going to get a phone with a bunch of bloatware that I will end up voiding my contract by rooting in order to clean it up?


Hope most of the software customization's show up in next Nexus 4.