MoviePass' original unlimited movie plan could return in some form


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And, frankly, that's far from a bad thing. MoviePass has spawned an entire sub-industry around it, forcing even the likes of AMC to roll out their own movie ticket subscription services to avoid having their thunder stolen.

With that said, though MoviePass is still around, it is often seen as a shell of its former self. Initially, the service offered unlimited movie tickets to customers, but after bleeding money at an alarming rate, the company was forced to pivot its business model to something considerably less generous.

Now, for $10/month, users are limited to a mere 3 movies per month, and even then, they can only select from a handful of films.

Things could be about to change for the better, though. As reported by Variety, MoviePass is planning to bring back its unlimited plan, allowing customers to see as many movies as they want per month for one set fee.

Unfortunately, beyond that, we have no other information about this new plan. We don't know how much it will cost, nor do we know whether or not there will be any other restrictions.

Regardless, we'll probably get answers soon enough. MoviePass is struggling to right the ship, and given the popularity of its former unlimited plan, bringing it back in some form could be just the move it needs to make to draw in customers once again.

As such, it is probably in the company's best interest to roll such a plan out sooner rather than later.

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WHO CARES! These guy change the terms of service within my and my wife’s 10 months of service from being able to see a movie a day at “participating” theatres of which have dwindled to ZERO, to a 3 a week I believe. What a crock this deal turned out to be with the exception that I was able to request a refund thru Costco online where I bought it and received a prorated refund of 25%. Even Costco figured out the service was a scam.