Moving Pictures in FrontPage

By Gitman
Nov 20, 2004
  1. Pictures & FrontPage & Some Weird Voodoo.


    Ok...this is bugging me to death. When I insert a picture....then pull it forward so that I can move it around...everything is fine. I can go to preview...and it looks great...but when I save the .html file and then open it in IE...the damn picture loads where it was before I moved it..i.e. in the middle of the page. What the heck is going on? It is bizarre. I have no idea what is causing this. Please Help.



    Edit: Okay, well I think I got it working somewhat. This stuff is bizarre. I can preview the page in FrontPage, IE and it can look good...but as soon as I upload it to the web...bam...the pictures are a mess. I just don't get it. But if you could, please check out this page...and just let me know if the pictures are inside of table where they should be, and not like at the top of the damn page. Here is the link:


    Please, everyone who reads this...let me know what it looks like. I want to make sure it looks good. it looks messed up when I preview it...but whenever I view it through the website, it looks right. I really need your help.


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