Mozilla and partners launch first Firefox OS smartphone


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Up until now Firefox OS devices have only been available to developers and in limited quantities. But starting tomorrow people in Spain will be able to get the ZTE Open through Telefónica, for just for 69 euros (about $90) or...

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Dual core 1ghz smartphones are very cheap now. I know they are going for the cheapest phones on the market, but we already have a lot of china quality android ones.
they need to work a lot more if they want a piece of the pie.


Wow. Sometimes the race has started so long ago, it doesn't even make sense to compete. Firefox apps? lol. If the OS is as bloatey as the browser, no thanks. Android PAWNS this market.


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To me it looks unappealing. Plus, I don't have any problems with Android since it is easy to use, very customizable, has tons of unique launchers and skins, apps and so on...


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The OS is reminiscent of the past touch screen phones we've already had from LG act.

The only thing impressive about this is how powerful HTML5 is by building an OS with it I'm quite impressed but I'm not surprised considering how versatile it is with very little effort.


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Oh I don't know... I wouldn't mind taking it for a spin. Maybe this will make smartphones even cheaper... Always a good thing.
I don't use 3/4th of the apps I have on my phone, so if they would keep the bloatware at a minimum, I might consider picking this phone up.


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The photo displays the ZTE logo. I have been using ZTE networking components ( Modems, routers) for well over 5 years. My ISP (BSNL) which is the largest telephony service provider in the country uses ZTE products at exchange level. While D-Link and Belkin products simply and literally fell apart ( mainly antennas and power supplies) aprt from going dead, ZTE products are going strong without even slightest glitch. These are working in 24/7 environment. So I would not compare them with other Chinese range of Android phones, at least not from the build point of view. So yes there is very definitely a need for low cost good quality products.