Mozilla's vice president of Firefox to leave the company next month

Himanshu Arora

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Johnathan Nightingale, Mozilla's vice president of Firefox, has announced that he will be leaving the company on March 31. He said that the move will not only help him spend more time with his family, but will also allow him...

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Firefox gave me too many fits over self-signed certificates on devices I manage daily. I had to switch away from that browser to access these devices. The company's standard cry to contact the manufacture for updates is not helpful. Not when they completely deny me access to these devices. My co-workers and I joke, when you can't access a website, "you got Firefoxed!"


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Does anything get done at Mozilla anymore? Or, do they just pass around petitions to get rid of, "the boss of the week", based in frivolous, pseudo-ethical, political correctness hysteria ?.


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Does anything get done at Mozilla anymore?
They do manage to pump out a new revision every few weeks. So they must find an "I" to dot or a "t" to cross somewhere. As far as actual changes, you got me there. I couldn't say I've noticed any changes other than broken add-ons, within the last 30 revisions.

Ohh they did manage to include useless (for my part) messaging code recently. I can't imagine why they decided to add conversation code in a browser.

Edit: I hate automated text editors. There is no way I can make the I in quotes above lowercase.