MSI P35 Neo will Power On but not Boot Up

By Wet Mackerel · 5 replies
Dec 8, 2007
  1. I originally intended to create a new computer and so bought the follow parts.

    MSI G33M Motherboard
    Intel Core 2 Duo E4400 2.0Ghz Processor
    4 x 1GB DDR2 PC 4200 533Mhz Memory
    Nvidia 8500GT 512MB VRAM Graphics Card
    Case with a 400W Power Supply

    Once everything was completely assembled... nothing. I then discovered that the motherboard was faulty since it powered when the cable from the power supply to the processor was not connected but when it was connected, it did not function (I had checked to make sure the motherboard and the processor where compatible previously). I then purchased a new motherboard a MSI P35 Neo, this got rid of that problem however now when everything is assembled. The processor fan, graphics card fan and power supply fan all function yet the monitor does not get a display. I have tried a different graphics card in a different slot, I have reset the CMOS, I have removed the memory but none of those methods solve the problem. It was then when I discovered that it was not getting to POST since the system sound was connected yet there was no beeps of any kind except for the hard dirve starting up. Finally, I went through the whole trouble shooting method determening which component was the problem and in the end I was left with the bare bones, the motherboard, processor, graphics card (it has no integrated graphics), RAM and the power supply (I have tried 5 different power supplies and the one I am currently using is 600W). Nothing seems to work and I cannot believe that I have got two faulty motherboards from two different suplliers. I would be incredibly grateful for any help.

    EDIT: I have read the No POST guide however I am questioning the final point which is that I have faulty componenets.
  2. joyful_winner

    joyful_winner TS Rookie

    normally...i will check all the power connection 1st, then....reset the cmos....
    after that.....
    1.remove all the rams....if the mb works, it will give you no memory beeps....
    2.put 1 ram and remove the graphic card, see did the mb got beeps
    3. try pull out your mb from the case, and test it on your mb box....on point 1 and 2...see what happen
  3. wellepi

    wellepi TS Rookie

    I have an identical problem with my MSI 7365 Neo Combo. After a normal shut down in Windows VISTA the machine won’t boot. Only after having powered off the power switch at the back of the power supply there is a good chance that the machine reboots. (Not always) Bios upgrade motherboard replacement and power supply replacement did not help. Has anybody another idea?
  4. Huntress

    Huntress TS Rookie

    no startup prob

    Ok, this describes my situation also. I actually thought it was my UPs unit initially and sent that off to be fixed, only to have the problem occur while it was gone. I am running XP not Vista, and the problem is intermitent but highly annoying. I checked MSI and found a bios update, so flashed that with no joy. From the way it happens I suspect a faulty battery, and have come across a few posts in my search also echoing that idea, so I think changing the Cmos battery will be my next step.

    Does changing the battery cause any major hassles I should know about first?
  5. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 13,006   +2,532

    No, it just resets the BIOS to it's original default settings
  6. Tedster

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    perhaps this is some kind of safety circuit in this model.
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