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May 30, 2006
  1. I just formatted a friends pc and she doesn't have any of the motherboard disks - i have downloaded every consevable file for that motherboard and i still cant get the multimedia controller to install - anyone got any idea??
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    What mobo is it and what opperating system have you installed on it?
    Without this information theres nothing we can do to help!!!
  3. N3051M

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    yes.. please expand.
    if you dont know how to achive this information, then a simple download of a program called SIW or Everest Home can give you this info.
  4. angelredfern

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    mobo info

    The motherboard is an "aopen MK77M-8XN" I have been to their website and downloaded every driver i could find there for it - i even found an audio one - but the computer still says that the multimedia controller is not installed...
    the computer is running windows xp pro
  5. N3051M

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  6. angelredfern

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    i've tried to download those drivers a few times - the download just gets stuck after like 5% and doesn't do anything anymore - i'll see if uninstalling it thru the device manager does anything - ty
  7. megaforce

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    mother boards !!!!!

    Man i have been searching a thousand hours online to download asus drivers on mobo a7n8x-e DELUXE. Is there anywhere U can just D load the hole disk ???
    By the way greetings and salutations to other people who are freakin out over this kinda junk, and 1 more note: what does "lol" mean ?
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