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Multiple Iexplorer.exe's proccess's in Task Manager

By 0day ยท 6 replies
Aug 2, 2009
  1. Alright. Yesterday I downloaded some stupid anime game, and usually 99% percent of the time I'm very, very careful of what I download. But in this case I didn't.
    I'm good with computers, I know a lot more than the usual average person does. I'm not bragging, I just do. However I still have a LOT to learn.

    So the game didn't work, I deleted it. Then I noticed something was hogging all my cpu.
    So I went to task manager and was surprised to see like ... 15 ieexploer.exe's.

    They were each hogging 18mb memory each. So I quickly ended most of them, but some came back. I kept getting rid of them till they were all gone. Then I went into ESET's network communications and found that it was trying to probaly ddos a couple of sites... because that's where the traffic was going.

    So I blocked those.

    Then restarted, it came back.

    So I went online... looked it up, and found out that the malware must have dumped a couple of .dll's in the system32 folder..

    I can't find these.


    Please Help?

    Here is my Hijack this log.
  2. strategic

    strategic TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,020

  3. Badfinger

    Badfinger TS Rookie Posts: 155

    You sort the files by date in that system32 folder?
    C:\windows\system32\dllcache (a hidden directory) is often ALSO home to the evil .dll's and if you can manage to delete it from \system32, it will just instapop right back in from that dllcache, until removed there too.
    You have to allow for seeing HIDDEN directories and files (in explorer (not IE) under Tools, Folder Options, View) [check box]
    Also install winpatrol and look there for the .dll or .exe that is messing with you.
  4. 0day

    0day TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes. There is [2] ieexplorer.exe process's in Task manager. But I have never even seen them there before the malware.

    So most likely, they are offspring of it.

    I have followed the steps.
    I scanned with Eset Smart Security (Found nothing)
    I scanned with a Squared-free (Didn't find anything relevant)
    I scanned with HijackThis, and attached the log... its in my first post above.
    I will try 1 of the other anti-malware programs suggested in the link you posted, but I highly doubt that will do anything.
  5. strategic

    strategic TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,020

    Please run MalwareBytes and SuperAntiSpyware, it may catch something your other programs missed;)
  6. 0day

    0day TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I ran malwarebytes, and whadda ya know. It found 28 objects, trojan vundo among them.

    =) Thanks for suggesting me to use that. I finally came accross a program that actually works. lol.

    Eset is probaly the best, besides Kaspersky, but it still needs to improve in a lot more areas, malware detection and better updates/definitions.

    Thank you Techspot.
  7. jakeIE8team

    jakeIE8team TS Rookie

    This thread on the Microsoft Answers Forum addresses concerns about multiple Internet Explorer processes running in the Task Manager - socialdotanswersdotmicrosoftdotcom/Forums/en-US/InternetExplorer/thread/b6f6d249-d30c-4bd7-9b9b-ae647b665beb (Replace the "dot" with a period ".")

    It looks like it's normal for iexplorer.exe to have more than one instance of itself running at times.

    - Jake

    MSFT Internet Explorer Outreach Team
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