Multiple Iexplorer processes running and IE not open

Sep 21, 2009
  1. I have read several threads and it seems several people have had this problem but with different resolutions so I am attaching my Highjackthis log in hopes someone can tell me what is going on. The problems I am experiencing with my sister's computer is that it runs extremely slow at times. Nothing appears to be running but when I look in Task Manager I see two Iexplorer.exe processes running but I do not have IE open. I cannot end these processes. Sometimes it takes five minutes to open control panel. The system appears to be unresponsive even though Task Manager shows the cpu at 98% idle and then it just starts running normally. AVG runs daily with nothing found. I ran rootscan in AVG but it finds nothing. It is running XP with sp3. Thanks for any help.
  2. kcking

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    I had the same issue and the 8-steps thread seems to have fixed the issue. Just make sure that you follow them word-for-word
  3. LTVF

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    8 step process

    OK I went through the 8 step process with no problems that i can tell. Here are the logs.
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