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I have a Ti 4600 8x and everything was running smoothly...

The only video game I play is Unreal Tournament 2004, and one day it started acting funny. For maybe 30 or so seconds it runs smoothly and then things just freeze for 2 or 3 seconds... i can run the same but i can't see my bullets, and if i a person was moving to the right, they keep moving to the right. Then it goes back to normal for 30 or so seconds and then glitches up for 2 or 3 again... repeat. Same all on servers.

So I rebooted my computer after reinstalling my video driver and now what was originally display 1 is now display 2 and vice versa. Normally I'm a pretty flexible guy and could care less and did care less about that till i tried to move to my 2nd monitor (now display 1 on my right side)... so to go to the right monitor i have to move my mouse left and to get back to my left monitor i have to go right. I ran into the wall in the middle a couple of times out of habbit, snapped, and now I'm posting a thread.

Thanks for reading.


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Open up your display properties and under Settings where it shows two monitors grab one and move it to the other side. Should be as simple as that.


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I have 3 monitors and it can get annoying when things like that happen.

What LNCPapa says to do is completely true. Just drag the monitors about into the order you want them in.


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Yep, you simply drag the screen from one side to another. You can also click on the screen which was previouslly primary monitor & tick "Use this device as Primary Monitor" so you're setup is back the way it used to be.



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but the game still skips...

Thanks for the answer... that did fix which monitor UT2k4 played on.

Unfortunately it's still skipping for me. for 30 seconds it's fine and then for a few seconds it's like amnesia I imagine... Everything is new to me... enemies are different, i didn't know i was ever here before, my tank is turned around, etc.

Thanks again.


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If you disable nview so that you only have one monitor receiving a signal does it still do this?


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yes, i have everything disabled... i stoped using my second monitor. When Unreal Tournament 2k4 first came out I never had a problem. I hooked the 2nd monitor up and things were still smooth. Then one day it just started being glitchy. Still stumped :mad:

Thanks again, again.
multiple monitors

ja, but guys i dont want to see 1 and 2 i want to see 1 monitor, and i hate that drop down where you have to choose which one.... Ooh ja i forgot to tell you this not for me its for a client, yes... you can imagine, so how should i go about uninstalling this devil's replica?
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