MW2 Net Lag

By justinone
Dec 13, 2009
  1. Hey all. as im sure you all already know modern warfare 2 is a lag fest. however i need a little help trying to reduce this as much as i can.

    basically i cant play MW2 during the day it just lags too much, im talking 200 - 300+ ping in all games during the day time. However when it hits 1 am my lag is massively reduced and there is no lag at all.

    another wierd thing is soon as i join a game there will be no lag for the first 20 seconds or so and then it all of a sudden starts to jolt and jump around.

    i have an 8mb connection. all other games i get around 50 ping then again they are on dedicated servers. my router is a netgear (cant remember the model)

    any help to reduce this lag would be appreciated. thanks!
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