My 900 rig...

By pcnthuziast
Sep 26, 2007
  1. ...the guts are almost a year old(with the exception of the ultra), but the case is new. I went from a Lian -Li to a 900 to get my temps down.

    Previous temps were:
    CPU = 40/60 GPU = 64/82

    Current temps are:
    CPU = 34/48 GPU = 53/68

    E6600 @ 3ghz on BadAxe II with 3gb G.skill PC-6400 C4(2x 1gb + 2x 512mb)
    evga 8800 ultra / X-Fi xtreme music / 74gb Raptor / Zalman 9500 / Corsair 520w
    Running XP(will get Vista upon release of SP1)
    3Dmark06 = 12,465
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