my compaq presario 1100 does not load the windows

By curiousity
Aug 1, 2005
  1. My compaq laptop does not load the windows OS. First, when i was using my laptop, it shows the blue screen telling about physical memory dump error. After that i swithced it off. When i switch on the laptop again, it only display blank black screen. I repeat the same thing for some times for few days, it is still the same. So i decided to press F8 while it is booting and i go to 'Safe Mode', but still i only got the blank black screen. I tried to use the repair CD to repair, but it doesn't reboot from the CD. Its veri weird i think :confused: and 1 more think, the harddisk indicator light does not blink or turned on as usual. Could it be harddisk problem??? :confused: How to fix this problem????? :confused:
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    You must try to get into your Bios setup screen. Machines are different ,but when you first push the On button you press F2 or something (check O/manual)
    Once in Setup ,Look for Boot order and make sure CDrom is first. You should then be able to boot to your CD to reload O/S.
    While you are in Setup check to see if the BIOS is recognizing the Harddrive.If it is not listed ,it may be the problem.
    I would also recommend you go to the Compac web and Download all updated Drivers, Firmware and Software updates for your machine.You will need them handy at reload. Carefully read?printout all directions for system and file installs.
  3. curiousity

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    Error: Harddisk failure

    I entered the Setup and chose to boot from CD, but the computer never boot from the CD, it still the same blank black screen. I also tried to do HDD Self Test in the Setup, but it gives me Error: Harddisk failure. Could it be my harddisk has crashed???
  4. Liquidlen

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    Well if the diagnostic software gave you that error it may be true.If you are comfortable replacing Portables HDD is not hard.
    I would recommend that you go to Compac site.They will list directions for new HDD, Look for acceptable replacement type and size, along with the procedure for reinstallation of O/S ,***Print out all pertinent instructions ****
    BTW; If your CD is an OEM re-installation Disk (Not Microsoft ) Check around or read Manual carefully.I discovered with a Protege , the Setup software (Not Bios) starts the reinstallation with the cd in the Rom drive-Not a boot to CD
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