My computer will only start in safe mode

By azazel0341
Jan 26, 2009
  1. I had run into a problem the other day. My Antivirus had run out and i had to get Microsoft word somehow to fix my resume do to a layoff at my job. I knew better but did it anyway. My computer took a dive with some trojans and worms. I then took my computer to my friends where i tore it down. I took the hard drives out and jumped them as slave to his computer, reformating them. My master sata drive i reinstalled windows xp. I proceeded to put the computer back together. Started her up and got a NTLDR missing which is a bios problem with my mother board. Anyway a flashed the bios. Now i can start my computer but when it goes to turn on after the xp window i get a quick flash of a blue screen and it prompts me to use a list off modes. I cannot run in any mode but safe. Someone please help!!!
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    as the pc boots up press f8 and choose disable reboot at fail or something like that, next time it blue screen follow the advice on the site for solving BSOD's
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