My computer won't open any programs.

By eexist
Feb 12, 2008
  1. When i start up Windows loads fine, the regular start-up programs open ect.
    I got an error before restarting before nothing opened, and explorer.exe would not open.
    There are a few weird process now o,0 such as 4.exe, and that goes away then 1.exe opens -.-
    And also iunno why but when i go to my computer this thing comes up "Map Network Drive" and i cant get to C:\
    Task manager works fine, i can cancel process and all that.
    But everything opens fine on startup but if i try to open anything after it just simply does not open. :mad:
    What should i do about this??


    EDIT* I am sick of this BS, i am just going to reformat the dang thing.
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