My dead computer

By mrbreeze76
Nov 22, 2008
  1. im new to the computer world and to date, have killed two laptops or notebooks. well maybe i only killed one as im using this one. the one that is dead wont do anything the screen is blank. to begin with i have been having trouble with both of my computers since i went to the philippines, i live there, these computers i gave to my son an daughter well they got infected there so i brought them back to get them fixed an well im not having much luck. i purchased them from best buy and all i get from them is give me money. i have two back up disk that they did when i baught the dead one but cant get it to work. at a best buy in mn. a geek sq girl did set pu the computer an then put the first disk in an told me just do what it tells me to do so i did an it started an something went wrong an thats where im at, i dont know what she did can some one help me.
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    and what's the models of laptops?
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