My ethernet connection won't work except when connected to the wifi

I think this is a hardware issue, maybe a software one but since this morning I had issues with the ethernet on my pc (I do use an adapter so I thought that could've been it but my laptop works fine with it) and I tried all morning to fix it doing all kinds of things but nothing helped.

Then I tried connecting my pc with the wifi which connected my pc with the ethernet weirdly enough. Now it won't work unless the wifi is connected, but it still shows as if the ethernet is connected (look at the attachment). The upload and download speed are still the same as if the ethernet were connected btw.

Does anyone know why this is happening and if so, is there a fix to this?

Thank you in advance!


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Looks like the onboard ethernet driver has been mistakenly updated.

The Device.mgr will show (expand Network Devices) the Ethernet and WiFi devices.

If you can find the device mfg and model number, you can download the correct driver for it, uninstall the existing driver and then (after a reboot) reinstall the downloaded version
And how exactly can I find the device mfg and model number?

And also I went to the device manager and only saw Network Adapters (which is probably the same thing but still). Which one would be the ethernet driver/device?


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Is this what I had to find and what exactly do I have to search up to find it? I just don't wanna ruin my ethernet and drivers etc, I found this though which I think is what you were talking about. (And maybe if possible include a link to the drivers)


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