My laptop wouldn't startup

By jevonh842
Mar 30, 2010
  1. Lately when i turn on my laptop the screen would just go blank and sometimes it would cut out( the screen is still blank) and the power button would light up and the screen just remain blank... i have a compaq presario f5000.... any advice?
  2. tipstir

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    How old is the laptop?
    I would remove the battery. Don't assume the LCD is bad just because you can't see anything on the screen. It pays to do a little troubleshooting. If the screen is cracked, has annoying dead pixels or a complete row or column is out (IC driver failure), it's time to replace the LCD. On the other hand, if the laptop screen is totally dead, it's more likely the video integrated on the motherboard, so at least test the laptop with an external monitor before proceeding.
  3. zhzubair

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    check cable which connects the screen to unit
  4. license27kill

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    yah,, remove the battery first.. and wait 30secs. to 1min.

    then if you wish,, run it by its adapter, no battery attached.

    the see the changes
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