My leadtek (winfast a400 GT TDH) geforce 6800gt is doing crazy things

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Hi sorry

Hi Simon

Sorry, yes the reply was to the previous guys with the display artifacts during the boot sequence and in windows... It's a hardware issue

I have gone back and read your problem and it seems like yours is just a software problem, presuming your games run fine and the driver only bombs out after exiting the game...(lack of info.)

1) I have found that the age of your windows xp has quite a big impact in these issues. Reinstalling a fresh copy helps eliminating possible glitches in the drivers.
2) Do you have the newst SP2 installed... DirectX 9.0c included
3) Are there any other old display drivers in the add/remove box?
4) After reinstalling windows (1st thing I would have done) and installing all the drivers... see if you can find a driver for your monitor, sometimes helps with switching resolutions.

Good luck... tell me if I missed something

PS I know the NVidia driver doesn't need rebooting after installation, it might help preventing issues rebooting for good measure, just to flush the system from pending driver installs.


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Nelson thanks again for your suggestions, someone cares pity its not leadtek! Yea sorry about the lack of information, i also meant to state, that even sometimes the driver dissapears randomly, nevermind in a game, and if i load a game once that has happened the problems get worse, such as being stuck in 640 x 480, then as soon as i exit (like before) the resolution is locked at 640 x 480.

My monitor drivers are installed and working fine. I am trying to cover any other possible thing as reinstalling windows is something i want to leave as the last resort (and i have heard of others reinstalling windows and it does not fix their probs..). The main thing i worry about is losing how my computer is setup, with all these highend 3d and 2d applications I run they are quite tedious to setup all again after a reinstallation. I do not have SP2 installed, and i was not going to install it either after hereing al the ho ha about it, so wasn't sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing! Direct X 9C is installed tho. Before that card i was running a Geforce 4400 Titanium and had no problems what so ever.


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Do you have onboard display?

If so I would recommend trying to reverse all the steps and maybe mis-steps you have done so far.

1) Go back to onboard...
2) Remove all display drivers
3) Install SP2, it's not that bad, it actual resolves some issues, these days microsoft gets bad publicity for everything (Not that I enjoy every major SP, they are a bunch of peckerheads!)
4) Put the card back in
5) Reinstall drivers

and then if it doesn't work...

1) Test the card on another computer
2) If that works you'll just have to reinstall windows
3) Try repairing it first
- boot with the cd
- enter
- enter (don't choose repair by recovery console also 'R', it's useless)
- F8, I agree
- press 'R' to repair
Basically it's a windows installation overwriting your current one hopefully covering any bugs, it keeps your registry entries, settings and installed programs.

Okay, hope that works!
Good luck!

I recently bought the parts for a new A64 Winnie 3000+ system, including the Leadtek A400 6800GT TDH. I was planning on building it a week after I got everything (when I had some free time) but I couldn't wait so I plugged the Leadtek into my current rig (P4 Northwood 1.6A@2.13Ghz) and it ran beautifully! Then when I built the new system and tested it I got weird BIOS corruption such as random text and symbols all over the screen at bootup. The strange thing is, the newly-built system worked fine with my old Geforce4 Ti4200 card.

I searched around, found this thread, and tried all the suggestions. Nothing worked, so I kept searching, until I FOUND THIS THREAD:

:bounce: IMPORTANT: :bounce: If you are getting the gfx corruption problem, are you running your PC off the battery backup of a UPS (uninterruptable power supply)? If so, then try switching the PC's power cord to a non-battery backup outlet (e.g surge protection only) and try it again. It may be that the 6800GT is drawing too much power for your UPS unit to handle. If this is the case, your system will run fine if it isnt on battery backup. Please respond to this post with your experiences!
I just got my card from a second return to Leadtek (I tried to avoid it, but nothing else worked) and this time it seems to work fine :hotbounce . First and second card had the same problems (although the first didn't start tell after a few months) but the third works fine. This seems to support the theory that there was a bad patch of cards.

P.S. I have tried my computer on both battery and non-battery surge protection and the card seems to work on both. (I will still keep this in mind if it stops working)
I'm currently in the same boat. Tried all sorts of things but now the computer refuses to boot with the card in. I didn't recognize the scrambled screen symptoms as being vid3o card related until I read this thread. Anyhow, how did you wind up returning this to Leadtek? I sent an email to the 'support' address on their w3bsite. This card worked fine for six months and then started acting up, crashed twice with the second crash being permanent (so far). Add in the scrambled screens not responding to user input and I'd bump the incidents up to five or so.
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My Leadtek RMA experience

I sent an email through the support page on the Leadtek site, I got emailed back with instructions to send them info like where and when I bought the card, and the serial number. After I emailed that to them they sent an RMA request formwhich I filled out and emailed back. then I got an RMA number and used it to ship my card back to them ($5.25 Fedex Ground MO to CA, sent Thursday arrived Tuesday). i am currently waiting for them to send a new card back to me.
edit- Well after getting a couple of odd replies from the Taiwan Leadtek folks, reading your reply made me research a little more into the US website whereupon I found a similar webpage requesting the info you stated. So hopefully I get more than a language barrier reply equivalent to, "Would you like fries with that?" ;)
Here it is for others that Google upon this thread: Leadtek Technical Support, USA
Got my replacement card!

:p Like I said in my last post, I shipped my old card on a Thursday, Leadtek received it the next Tuesday, and I received my replacement card the Wednesday of the next week. So not the fastest turnaround time, but quite bearable. I only sent the card itself and kept the retail box, cables, games, etc. But Leadtek shipped me a brand new (as far as I can tell) retail box including all the goodies, so now I have two copies of everything. And the card works great, no problem overclocking it from 350/1000 to 413/1120 (faster than Ultra!). So don't be scared, Leadtek will do you a solid. If you need any more assurance I can send you pics of the working card playing Doom 3, HL2, Far Cry, everything! :giddy:
I too have been having the EXACT same problems.Dont bother with the trouble of getting a new mobo or anyhting its the card.This is my 2nd LeadTek 6800gt tdh(RMA's the 1st 1)Tried the bypassing the ups thing and it seemed better but still started doinsame thing after a bit.Has anyone completely resolved this issue?I sent a tech support thing to LeadTek tonite,hopefully get a response soon.
I think I know why our cards are screwing up

I think that the Leadtek cards are super-sensitive to power requirements, and if you fail to plug in the auxiliary power connector before turning on your PC the card fries. I know, because I forgot to do that, and when I turned on my PC the Leadtek card emitted a continuous beep until I turned off the PC. The total time that the PC was on without the Leadtek card's power connector attached was 5 seconds, and when I connected it and turned on the PC again, I got graphical corruption at the BIOS screen. SO DONT FORGET TO PLUG IN THE POWER CONNECTOR!
Yea they probley are but that wasnt the issuse for me and still got the same problems.I have an Asus A8N-Sli deluxe and it even has an extra power connector for the pci express.I also have a 500watt ThemalTake p.s. and the GPU has its very own line for power.(and has been verified with an ohmmeter of its output)Trust me when i say ive tried EVERYTHING short of one thing at that'll happen as soon as my 3rd LeadTek gets back here,and thats try a diffrent GPU!My second piece of advice is if u dont want to go through the bs just buy a BFG the 1st time and have no worries.I've several friends that have the BFG 6800gt and NONE have had any problems.
I don't usually post to forums but this thread really helped me out. Thanks all.

I do NOT have a card from what seems to be one of the original defective batch of cards from Leadtek. On my defective card, on the lower left, it says B1, and from what I gather it is already the second revisions. I bought it August 2004 and just last week I began to realize that it was acting up (at least I'm still on the year warranty). I have almost every simptom listed here: blue sploches in POST, weird articles in 3D apps, strange letters in dos mode, etc... I tried removing every unnecessary drive/card/fan while leaving my case open with a fan blowing on it and still the bug persists.

After reading this thread I decided to RMA my card. I've come to believe that the "finickynes" of the power requirement combined with questionable memory modules makes this card, at least mine, especially susceptible to damage.

Any ways, I don't know if I should be optimistic about my RMA from Leadtek. It seems that there are those who get lucky with a newer revision cards, and Leadtek is known for producing quality nvidia products, but since my RMA is already for a second revision card...
dr_jared said:
Hello everyone. I just bought a Leadtek Winfast a400 GT TDH (nvidia geforce 6800 GT) card from newegg. This thing cost me alot. HEres my problem, I pu the video card in, connected the power cord and all, and started my computer up. As soon as the monitor started up there were all kinds of crazy colored characters and stuuf flashing all over my screen. When the XP loading screen came on, it was like, some the pixels were all miscolored and flashing. This continues. I tried installing the drivers once i logged on, and right when the drivers would have finished installing the computer restarts, and when i log on again (the pixel things havent changed) It says i have a new vid card/agp adapter (as it did before) every time i try to install drivers it does this.

I have a Princeton Ultra 72 monitor. intel D865perl mobo, intel p4 3.2Ghz processor, and the card that im using now, because the new one doesnt work is a geforce 4 mx 440 (128mb), 450 PSU, XP pro. ANy more info needed?

I have no idea whats going on, and im an ***** about these things. I'm about to return the thing, and i am really frustrated. IF anyone can help me resolve this problem, i might just send them some money or something, or i will worship you forever. Please help meh. Jared.

Ill send anyone 10 dollars if they can help me fix this, without having to return this card.

I had the SAME EXACT problem. I bought the same exact card, also from newegg. Also had the artifacts in BIOS mode. Send it back to them with RMA.
My first and last Leadtek product,always bought nvidia based Graphic cards and never had a problem before but this A400 GT or 6800 GT is a nite mere ,
unstable as hell and dare`nt go near the winfast oc tool,just crashes big time,temp on this thing is running at 80-85 with extra fan inside the case,when was the dates of the faulty batches ??
tried every driver under the sun from theirs to nvidias to beta`s
running gear is
3200 xp
asus nforce2 mobo
1 gig ddr 400
XP sp2
400w psu
just wondered if i got one of the dodgy ones


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I have had several leadtek video cards:

gf2 mx, gf2 pro, gf4 ti4400 & gf5 5900. all have worked perfectly so i had no hissitation in buying a leadtek a400gt tdh (geforce 6800 gt) unfortunately i am having the exact same problems everyone on this post is having. the card is simply useless. flashing text and artifacts in BIOS post and then when getts to windows lockups. it is evident i also have one of the defective cards too.

how do i go about RMA'ing my card back to leadtek?
do i have to send an email and wait for RMA number and return instructions?
has any1 successfully RMA'd back to leadtek and recieved a working replacemet?
how long did it take?
how long did it take to receive a respnse from leadtek from the initial email?

i bough my card off ebay (BIG MISTAKE) so i have no return to seller warranty, i have to return to taiwan. im from australia, so i can imagine it will take months. IM SO PISSED OFF. i have wanted a 6800gt ever since they came out....
this is my second Leadtek card I've owned. The first was a 5900xt, which was nice, but I should have gotten a 9800 pro. The cooling on that thing was pathetic. I've been having all these problems also. I rma'd the first one after it got to be too much and now the replacement is doing the screen corruption too! I know it isn't overclocking because it will do it in the bios sometimes... from a cold boot!! I don't think this is a driver problem because it can be corrupted before anything has even loaded. I've read another thread about the 6800gt/nforce 3 problems, it is 60+ pages long! I'm to about ready to just rma the damn thing again, but I don't have a working video card to use in the meantime. Good companies like Logitech or BFG will send you the replacement and let you send the broken one in when you recieve it. I read that a BFG employee read in a forum about a guy having problems with his card and he shipped him a new one.... second day air! KDS sent me a new 19" monitor when my old one blew up and I just had to send the old one back in. Leadtek should kiss our asses because they've really messed this up. I'll never buy from Leadtek again. Ever. Oh, and my first 6800gt said A1 on it and the new one says B1. It's not as bad, but it's still unacceptable.
email tech support and then they will start the rma process. hopefully they won't send you another piece of crap like they did to me and some other people here. I can't even run 3dmark01 se for more than a few seconds. JUNK. I wish I could get a refund and buy an ATI card.


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this was the response from tech support:

Dear Customer,

This is hardware defected problem,please direct send back to local dealer to repair.

Best regards,
Marketing Department, Leadtek Research Inc.

E-Mail: service <>
<> <>

TEL: +886 (0)2 8226 5800
FAX: +886 (0)2 8226 5801
18F, 166, Chien Yi Road, Chung Ho City,
Taipei County, Taiwan (235), R. O. C.

Certified under ISO-9001. We make Dreams a Reality !!! J

WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!!! I bought this off ebay and the seller said all warranty will be (my responsibility) taken directly to leadtek (which i accept) but leadtek are going to be difficult. it shouldnt matter where or who i got it off, if its still under warranty they should fix or replace it.

Master Shake said:
Never buy from Leadtek!

AMEN! Today was supposed to be a great day, as the last of my new comp parts showed up... Including the Leadtek 6800GT, unfornutely. Wish I had started reading these forums before I bought that piece of crap. Same issue here with a refurb from Newegg, guess I'll call Leadtek in the morning.
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