My Modem or Something Else?

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Apr 8, 2007
  1. In the past few weeks I have noticed that on occasion my internet surfing would suddenly stop or pages wouldn't load. When I looked over at my cable modem I noticed it shut down and then the lights would come back on and I could continue.

    However, today it has consistently shut down and come back on, shut down come back on, ad nauseum. Even when I am not online and I shut off the internet connection it will still shut-off completely and then power on. I checked all cables and power attachments and they are solid. This modem is connected through my Lynksis router via network connection (as opposed to USB). The router remains fully powered as does the rest of my PC. Only my modem seems to be sputtering, stopping, and restarting.

    I checked device manager and it is clean. I ran spyswepper, NOD32 anti-vi (nothing found), and I haven't loaded anything new nor have I changed any applications nor have I changed hardware. Basically my internet habits are the same. I also have a firewall.

    This modem is about 4, maybe 5 years old and has never given me a problem. Can modems go like this? I have never read of anything like I am experiencing now.

    It shut down twice as I wrote this.
  2. Ididmyc600

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    Dont you think that if someone built something that lasted forever, that they would stay in business long, of course not, in the time its taken to post this message you could have contacted the supplier of the modem stayed in a queue for a few minutes and then had them arrange to replace the modem, which is obviously defective.

  3. Nodsu

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    Yes, everything can and will fail eventually and modems are no different.

    The modem is most certainly no longer under warranty by now, so calling the supplier (if they are actually still in business) would be rather pointless. That is, unless you are renting the device rom your ISP, in which case they should happily give you a new one.

    Power supplies fail far more often than plain electronics, so a cheap solution to try would be replacing the modem's AC adapter temporarily. Get something with a voltage in 10% of the original and that supplies at least 80% of the original amps (any kind of a charger will not do!).
  4. Route44

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    I don't need your response. I don't need your condescension. You added nothing to my inquiry except fill up space with your absolutely useless diatribe. I asked my question because I never ran into this issue before and I have never read of anyone else online - ever - posting about the issue I have experienced. I am no noob to hardware and software issues and items, but for this situation I have no exprerience, so I asked.


    Nodsu, thanks for the response and I am going to look into a new AC adapter first before moving on to a more expensive solution. Right now it is running stable, but I don't know for how long. Thanks again.
  5. Po`Girl

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    If you`ve got any friends nearby with cable,you could always borrow theirs,

    or try yours on their system.That would certainly narrow it down to the modem.
  6. Ididmyc600

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    Nice, you filled up the space to start with, with a question that really answered itself.

    Good god man, if it doesnt work then its broke, my 65 year old Dad could have told you that, but if you feel the need to post rather than see past the end of your nose then better get used to getting the odd bit of stick once in a while, i bet your the sort of bloke who does trainspotting and build scale models in your front bedroom, the one not occupied by your Mother.

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