My New 7800 GS

By rmdl51
Aug 19, 2006
  1. Hello Everybody!
    I Just want to share with you the experience with this video card, I just got it yesterday as all of you recommended I got eVGA 7800 GS not OC, and since I don't want any driver issues I format my HDD and reinstall everything fresh (I was planning to do it anyways) and I was a little bit sad replacing my old 9600 XT, it was a good card 2 years ago it let me play almost everything, also install my new PSU Enlight 500W 28A 12V rail, and well first thing I realized when I take the card out of the box it's that it is about 25% bigger than the 9600XT! but got big Case so no problem, well nothing goes wrong so far, and Today after reinstall everything again I start playing Age of empires III, NFS Most Wanted, and BF2, and I have to say it!! you were so right about this card!!!! It's amazing!!! everything on high settings without a flick, graphics just run sooo smoothly, what a different experience on gaming, to everybody who still have an AGP I would recommend to save a little more money and get this baby, price is dropping I guess, I got mine for 269.99 at newegg, but is worth every penny! graphics to be like :eek: for a while, thank you all who suggest me to buy this card! I just have a couple of questions, nvidia control panel shows 42C temp, this is idle temp? how do you measure temp at full throttle? running a game? do the stock cooler is enough for this card? my case have 3 big fans but not sure if that helps the card, Thank you! :wave:
  2. vegasgmc

    vegasgmc TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,377

    The temp reading in the driver control panel is what the temp is at that minute. Right after you play a game check the temp and that is the load temp. If the load temp gets over 65*, Id put on an aftermarket cooler.
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