my pc freezs

By mayurpam
Mar 19, 2007
  1. i am facing some kind of prob i have xfx 5200 on via km 266 mobo 1 year old ,it was runnig fine till now but since a month whenever i m playing games or watching video in full screen after sometime the pc freezes hangs after hitting ctrl+alt+del only the monitor keep on switching off and on in interval of time i removed the card and fixed it back also uninstalled the driver and rolled back to older one it was running fine but after a 2 to 3 day same problem occured and it also some time shows directx tests failed wen used from dxdiag and than i removed the card an switched on to onboard graphic and the same problem arise i am really unable to figure out what is causing the problem and wen i the sys restarts it show sthe following bccode error with following minidump files
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