My PC starts up, no display on monitor, and CPU light stays on for about 5 seconds


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So I bought all the parts new, referred to the manual or youtube videos when I got stuck, first power on, nothing they HDMI on MOBO HDMI nor Graphics card HDMI. My specs :

MSI B450 Tomahawk
Ryzen 1600 / Stock cooler
PowerColor rx580
16GB Ram (one stick, didn’t expect it would be one stick until it came)
and a corsair 550w PSU
and 4 fans that are already in the case

What I have also noticed, is once the pc seems to start up, the front 2 fans that have a Blue LED around it shut off but it keeps spinning, and as does the back one, but not the front bottom one.

I am going to a PC Repair Guy in about 2 hours, but I still wanted help from the Community.

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Probably too hard/confusing to troubleshoot with a 1.5 hour deadline. In general, a "no post" arises from an improperly made connection... and there are dozens possible in a new build. If you have a nearby guru, that is probably a good bet.

The alternative would be to work through a diagnostic routine, like the one from Computerhope (see link.. ) which would take several hours of careful work to complete.