My rig has freezing issues

By thewhitekoala
Apr 24, 2013
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  1. Alright Fellow techies. I have a ASUS M4A87TD EVO, MOBO. Along with that a Roswell Extreme PSU. I have two monitors one with HDMI and another using VGA. Now normally I have no problems with my rig, runs like a champ. but lately I have had freezing issues, and the most recent and has happened like 2-3 times before but usually fixed by turning on and off again, (monitor, keyboard, and mouse are no signal). So I went to turn on my computer this morning and my computer turns on, my LED lights turn on and everything sounds like its running like a champ... but no screens or keyboard or mouse lights up... here lies the problem.

    I have been reading all day what could be the problem and have got no head way. Here is a link that I found and tried all the responses.

    For the monitors yes the graphics card could be the issue but that doesn't explain my no mouse or keyboard. now my mother board could be fried but then my lights or anything wouldn't work. so I am confused as mess and my computer is my life :D if anyone could help I would be much appreciated.
  2. IvanAwfulitch

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    The main drivers for the USB devices are loaded along with Windows. Only some basic ones will load on startup to allow you to navigate the BIOS options, and choose what partition to load, etc. Your PC won't even POST right now, meaning you get no splash-screen from the BIOS system on startup. No POST on startup can be anything from a motherboard screw that you screwed down too tightly, all the way up to motherboard failure. Not all parts of the board have to fail; some of it can still be functional and provide power to LEDs and other small odds and ends, and yet it can still be a fried board.

    Solutions? Well... you could try to flash the BIOS and reset everything and see if you get a splash screen on startup. If not, then you may have found your problem directly. Definitely test your hard-drive in another machine if you can to see if everything on there is as it should be. Make sure to disconnect any parts that aren't essential for testing a motherboard. Take out the RAM, and the graphics card, and any other PCI-E or PCI cards you may have that are too expensive to ruin. A failed mainboard can damage other parts, so removing them would be your best bet to saving them since you don't need those extra parts to test the board.

    This is the starting process for eliminating the options of what could be causing the problem, I guess. Diagnose them one at a time.
  3. thewhitekoala

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    My mother board does not have a spot where I can directly hook up my monitor. has to have a graphics card. so I cant take it out. also how do I flash my BIOS if my screen does not work. I tookout the battery and PSU from my roomates other computer to see if those were the problem. no dice but I put them back in and now his computer has the exact same problem but one of his two mice work...
  4. Chad hord

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    So basically you were having issues earlier they seemed to clear up and now your system wont post tho LED;s are on, power etc.. Well Garret you can either try to fix it yourself, or get the desktop to me, and I can go over it as I have some testing equipment you dont have, such as a post diag pci adapter, etc.. doing it yourself: what the other gentleman said was to take the motherboard out of the case (set it on an ESD free pad or some other non-conductive surface) pull the power supply out as well, hook it up like it was in your case, you can use a small flat head screwdriver in place of the power-on connector for the power switch (touch the two prongs makes connection)
    have your video adapter in its slot on the board, and your monitor hooked up. you dont need HDD, might want the keyboard and mouse .. we only want to see the board go through post and maybe get into bios if it comes up. Let me know which way your going, and what the results were if your doing your own troubleshooting.

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