My videos are not working after I got a new motherboard

By leopard6661
Aug 2, 2007
  1. I recently changed my old MSI motherboard whose chipset was SIS to a new Intel 865GV-M3 mother board by ECS, this was due to the fact that the MSI board failed me. Anyway, after I installed the new mother board and installed windows, started installing drivers for the on board C media audio device and my Geforce 6200 AGP 8x graphic card, every thing was fine, but one thing was not, whenever I open a video using media player, Bs player or VLC the computer becomes very sluggish, no video seen just a sound that comes and goes and the computer becomes really sluggish, I mean I actually see the windows draw before my eyes when I press Alt+Ctrl+Del, I see the frames draw then the words written very slowly and then it all ends after a long wait when I force VLC or whatever player I am using when I force it to close. I tried installing the latest video driver from nvidia but the same thing happened, rolled back to the old driver, still the same problem, uninstalled then reinstalled the audio driver, and downloaded a newer driver, still the same thing. Then I removed my 6200 and used the on board Intel graphic card instead and guess what, it worked like a charm, videos streaming and every thing nothing wrong at all except for the fact that I cant play games on this on board graphic card. So this is my problem I need to use my 6200 and I simply cant.
    Some stuff I noticed that may help figuring this out:
    1-The videos worked fine before I installed service pack 2, using windows XP home edition
    2- When the 6200 is installed PC Linux OS live CD wont start, but with the on board card it starts fine
    3- Of coarse with the old motherboard using the same OS and service pack 2 and the same driver videos worked fine

    Thank you in advance for reading and hopefully you can help
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