need advice for CPU and MB

By Morick
Jul 9, 2007
  1. Hello everyone; I just bought an M2n-E from newegg along with a 64 x2 6000 cpu and 8800gts. I really need some advice from people in the know about what might be the best mobo for the equipment I have. so far the m2n-e has been ok except for serous heat issues(can't run without a floor fan blowing inside the case.) I'm starting to think maybe i picked the wrong mobo for this equipment, and from reading reviews I'm worried that this mobo my just quit workin altogether in a couple months. If i replace the asus I'd like some real recommendations from someone here. All I'm lookin for is STABLE and reliable mobo, I don't need or care about any features being a novice builder anyway, I don't overclock or tweak or anything. Just need some thing reliable and stable that goes good with x2 athlon 64 6000 and evga gts 8800 video card. Any good advice from anyone? I'd really appreciate any input at all thanks.
  2. DanMiller

    DanMiller TS Rookie

    It's probably not the motherboard

    We have ~20 systems in house that use the M2N-E, and they've been 100% trouble free. Most are using a (fanless) X1950 SCS video card. These boxes are running XP-64 with 8gb of RAM and they're running it hard doing software development under Visual Studio 2003 and 2005, JDeveloper, and image processing (GIS, both raster and vector) using ESRI ArcGIS. We are running the 5600+ in most boxes.

    Do you have sufficient ventillation for your Video card? Is the fan on the Video card OK? We generally use the Thermaltake VD3000BNA case and the exhaust air from the case is literally cool.

    It's possible that you have a defective motherboard or bad RAM, too. You could run memcheck to see if the memory's the issue. The GTS uses a fair amount of power and resistance (and power needed) goes up as temperature goes up - you might need a stronger power supply.
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