Need BIOS Update (or maybe not?)

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Feb 4, 2016
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  1. Hi all,

    I am new to this website and I hope I am on the correct Forum. Sincere apologies if not!

    CPU Upgrade: Hyperthreading-supportive BIOS needed

    I intend to upgrade the current 3.06GHz/533MHz CPU (P4 SL8JA Rev OE) which is non-HT to a 3.8GHz/800MHz P4 HT SL7Z3, which the manual indicates is compatible with the mobo.

    CPU World website states that for Hyperthreading to be recognised it must be enabled in the BIOS. ( I know from experience a while back that with Dell machines if you change the CPU from non-HT to HT without first updating the BIOS to a Hyperthreading-supportive version - and (vital!) enabling HT in the BIOS before swapping the CPU - the system will not recognise the HT feature, even if multi-core is enabled in msconfig etc. Eventually fixed that one - but at cost of much time!!)

    Belarc/Speccy etc identify my machine as "Packard Bell NEC PB13212701 SNID 041411720075". It is externally labelled PB NEC iMedia 1508/N.

    The mobo is marked Gigabyte GA-81915PM 40A254 00725 Grantsdale (ICH6).

    The BIOS chip is labelled Pheonix D686 and the BIOS is Award Software International, Inc. version 10v (POST: 11/21/2004 i915P – 6A79VG0DC-00) which as far as I can make out does not support Hyperthreading (or does it?). Certainly there is no mention of HT on the setup screen.
    Does anyone have any info/links on this BIOS version? Inc’s BIOSAgentPlus has a more recent version (20u 11/20/2005) but the support team has “no documentation” for this version and evades my (several) queries to ascertain whether “version 20u” supports Hyperthreading.
    Does anyone have any info/links on this BIOS version (I suspect that it might possibly be 2.0u rather than 20u?)?

    Are there any other HT-supportive PB NEC BIOS versions kicking around somewhere out there for this mobo, or are there any HT-friendly Gigabyte versions which would work (without bricking the mobo!!!)? I think that this is essentially a Gigabyte “P” type mobo with a few PB NEC OEM knick-knacks added to the BIOS , which may (or may not?) be essential to the functioning of the board?
    Would the HT-friendly GA-81915PM-FS (Fujitsu Siemens) version work? Has anyone tried it (successfully)?

    Any factual info/helpful thoughts most gratefully received.
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  3. Hopeful123

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    Yes. Doesn't recognise SNID (too old).
  4. gabars

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    I'm afraid I can't be of much more help, you could contact gigabyte or Packard Bell directly, they often keep their old software even if they take it off the website. Good luck.
  5. Hopeful123

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