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  1. So i have been in the market for a computer for a few months now and haven't found anything to my satisfaction yet. I have wanted to build a computer for roughly 4 yrs now, but frankly it kinda scares me. i would love to build one but i deff need help. but before i get to telling you guys what I am looking for in a computer ill tell you a little about what i know about computers.

    I am self taught, i mainly work on trouble shooting computers. virus removal and the like. I have some knowledge about computer parts and specs. but just the bare minimum to be able to shop around and get a decent deal on a computer.

    So. know that you know a little bit about what i know. heres kinda what i want. (i am willing to take suggestions though)

    CPU intel core i5 2500k
    1tb hdd
    8gbs ram
    GPU. i am looking for a decent GPU something around the performance of the Radeon HD 6770. but if there are better for cheaper let me know.
    Price. well i was looking for some were in the 500$ range. but would go up to 600ish.

    Yeah i know not much to go off of. and a small budget. but to help even more here is kinda what i plan to use it for. I use programs such as adobe dreamweaver, flash, after effects. and programs like those. i play games here and there. mainly minecraft, command and conquer red alert 3, and games like those.

    So that's basically all i can think of to add to this post. if you have any questions plz ask i will be happy to answer. and thx for the help in advanced.
  2. slh28

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    That looks like a decent build for your requirements.

    Don't forget the Z68 motherboard and a quality branded 400-500W PSU.
  3. Cerf

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    Do not forget to add an SSD drive for the Windows. It doesn't havet to be large, 60-80GB will suffice for the OS and some programs and even games too. The speed difference is more noticeable than spending the same amount of cash for a faster processor.
    Well obviously you need a second drive for the data, add a 500+ GB drive for the movies, mp3 and other stuff.
    Everything else looks to be good, Core i5 2500K will run even at stock speeds super-fast.
  4. equatom

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    building a computer may seem like a daunting task at first, it sure was for me.
    my advice is to try get your hands on an old computer (preferably working), and just have a tinker around inside. see if you can take all the parts out, then re-assemble them.

    That CPU is pretty much perfect for any gaming and most medium intensity video editing/encoding/etc. if you did want a CPU capable of high-end vid. editing and such, you may want to look at the i7-2600 instead.
    please note the main differences between these cores is hyperthreading, the i5-2500 and the i7-2600 will both play most games amazingly well, at around the same settings- but the i7 will show considerably better performance in the video editing factor.

    1tb HDD should suit you just fine, that's plenty of storage space.
    I would recommend you look at the Western Digital caviar Black, or caviar Blue.
    the Samsung Spinpoint F3 is an amazing drive as well.

    8 gigs of RAM is plenty, but make sure your motherboard and CPU support it).
    also try go with a reliable brand like Corsair, Kingston, or OCZ.

    regarding the GPU, you can get an amazingly fast card for 500-600 dollars.
    there's a lot of options though, but i would probably recommend the Gigabyte GTX 580 Fermi[/url]
    this card is an absolute beast, its been reviewed well, and Gigabyte are a reputable and reliable brand.

    an SSD is very useful, since the boot and file access speeds will be much faster- though they are expensive.

    altogether a nice build. well done on choosing the parts.

    be confident with the computer build! just do your homework and you'll be fine :)

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