Need help building a gaming computer for $500 or less

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Apr 6, 2009
  1. Well this is my first time posting here but i just bought a comp the other day from best buy and long story short it wasnt worth it. I pretty much dont know alot about computers so i was hoping to buy one from there and just throw a video card in it but it didnt work out that way so was wondering if someone could lead me in the right direction on building a computer. Ive got about $500 or so to spend maybe more its somthin really really nice but otherwise id like to keep it at 500ish.

    I can buy online so i was hoping to buy from some place like newegg. I have a mouse, keyboard, speakers and everything and my monitor goes up to 1280x1024 if you need to know the resolution. So i pretty much just need the comp itself and im pretty sure i need a OS. Im pretty sure anything would be better then i have so any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    also, if you dont have an OS and dont have the money to buy windows, you can download and install Ubuntu Linux (any other distro should work, ubuntu is just my preference) and install the WINE package. it basically lets you run most windows programs under linux, but it doesnt always function correctly (for me at least) and text doesnt always appear right (for example, the EULA from installing xfire)

    if you need help with it, id recommend google, because its been ages since i messed with linux OR wine, and im not a very experienced user with either. just thought id give you another option to go with
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    on the recommendations that rage gave i only recommended those as a way to not have to upgrade so soon also the MB i picked has more expandability and the psu makes for more upgrades later but they were just suggestions. I also like rages suggestions

    also thnx rage for the good job :)
  6. Beren12

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    Thanks alot i totally appreciate the help from you guys. Should i get Vista or Xp not which would be better.
  7. klepto12

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    i would say go with vista 64 bit and later this year windows 7 comes out so maybe you can upgrade to that later.
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    or use a linux distro until 7 comes out :)
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