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Need help finding a multimedia/gaming laptop

By monkeychef23
May 29, 2012
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  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm going off to school soon, which means I am going to need a laptop. I would love for it to be mobile, with great specs, and below $2k. Preferably under 1.4" in thickness. I have been looking at the Asus N76 and N56 (leaning towards N76) as they both have good specs, great screens, and good price points. They also apparently have amazing sound. My two concerns with these laptops is their thickness and the fact that their video cards (650M) uses GDDR3 memory instead of the newer, higher bandwidth GDDR5. I am also going to be looking at the new Macbook Pro when it comes out during WWDC on June 11, as the supposed specs are going to be good and it will thin (I can install windows on it and play my games, OS is not the primary concern).

    Does anyone have any experience with the Asus N76/56 or does anyone have any other recommendations?

    Things I do with on my computer:
    Document Processing
    Web Browsing
    Adobe Photoshop and Soundbooth (anything CS4 really)
    Gaming (TF2, LoL, SCII, BF3, Portal 2, L4D2, etc)
    Dual Screen Setup

    Thanks Everyone.

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