Need help picking a case


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Hello everyone, I've come here in hope of getting some competent opinions on what case I should pick for my new build.
Motherboard: Asus Prime X570-P
AMD Ryzen 7 3700x

as you'd be quick to realize, I'm in need of a rather wide PC due to the NH-D15 sticking ~165mm from the CPU.

I'm not well versed on cases (hence why I'm here) but I'm currently debating between Fractal Design Meshify C TBG and Thermaltake Overseer RX-I (my current one). I'll need to buy another case regardless and I'm not particularly worried about money (though I won't just throw them for looks or anything). I'm interested in getting a good airflow, thumbscrews and height no greater than the RX-I. Giving opinions between my current 2 picks would be great, if you suggest other cases please explain why you'd pick them over either of my 2 current ideas.


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For starters when looking for a computer case, always go for steel frame.
An old friend of mine at another board taught me that.
Those cases will always prove be sturdy at 0.5 steel or higher.
Also look for cases that have drive bays at the bottom for sata drives and thin ssd-drives.

I would "highly suggest" you go with aero cool cases.
They are not heavy to pick up and easy to move around as needed.
The fans inside all aerocool cases last a long time, it has great ball bearings in them.

The other case is like aerocool but with more fans, looping your wires on the sides and what not.
The only problem with that is no drive bays dvd-cd-rw-bd-r bd-rw
An ex-friend of mine would swear by cool master cases as they are flexible to work with.

Lastly you picked this one here, if you need the drive bay space for whatever reason.
Pick it only, also its roomy in there, my only main gripe....
It will be a dusty beast if the room has lots of dust or clothing lin floating around 24/7.

Somethings to think about for your case choosing as well:

Tuff *** screws on new computer cases suck, you will be glad to have it when you need it most.

This will do wonders for that heatsink fan you are getting and they work great on the fan I suggested.