Need help, want to install XP, but have questions

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May 22, 2009
  1. I am using vista 32bit and i want to install XP, do i just pop in the xp disc , boot from disc and do a clean install and install XP and everything will be fine?

    Also, lets say i want to install Vista again, well when i bought my emachine rig they never gave me a disc, but i have something called emachine recovery managment and i made 2 discs, factory default disc and driver applcaition disc, do i need to buy Vista itself to install vista again, or can i use the 2 discs?

    Also, when installing XP , do i have to watch out for a hidden partion?
  2. fastco

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    OK, yes you can do a clean install of XP BUT you still need all of the drivers for sound, video, ethernet, wireless Etc...Emachines should have the drivers on their website. You also should be able to get them from your driver disk.
    Also, do not erase the recovery partition (if there is one) that partition contains Vista and all the programs that came with the computer from the factory. If you keep it you can always just do a restore and get the system back to the way it was when you got it. The disks will work too but the partition is much faster.
  3. captaincranky

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    The restore discs rebuild the partition. System restore either is non-destructive, which loads a fresh copy of Windows >FROM< the partition. Or. a full destructive restore which rebuilds the partition too. My T-5026 works this way. Others claim that their Emachines will only allow destructive restores. IDK about that.

    Restore discs are actually a "disc image" created by the manufacturer, and not a true Windows install disc.

    The Emachines BIOS is "tatooed" and has a permanent administrative password. In the case of my machine, (which is the only one I've tried to restore), the user is not allowed to use a Windows disc, other than the restore discs that match that particular model.

    I was able to install Linux, since it really isn't recognized by the board.

    A form of this problem also crops up when the motherboard fails, the restore discs can't be used to install the OS on the new mobo as it lacks the "tatoo" to trigger the install, and the OEM copy of Windows dies with the board.
  4. Tha General

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    Well what about if i never plan to install vista ever again lol, i wouldn't have to worry , just install XP and get done right?

    I am just going to keep vista on this rig now, and when i get my Quad core, i will install XP on that one.
  5. gbhall

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    You can have the best of both worlds by taking a DRIVE IMAGE and storing it somewhere safe on backup media. Then install XP fullly inplace of the existing OS. You could also lose the restore partition without any consequences.

    To take a drive image is something people ought to be taught in primary school, but it doesn't seem to later in life, people find themselves losing the first few years irreplaceable photos of their first-born.

    Cap'n cranky makes an interesting point about a motherboard tatoo. More than likely such a thing falls foul of commercial law. Don't be surprised if the image you take refuses to run if restored to the same HDD but with a new motherboard. You would be no worse off in that case anyway.

    More anguished calls to customer help-line: "what the heck do you mean, I lent my mobile phone to my daughter for the weekend, and it wont work when she dials any number?" "This GPS traffic map I bought won't work in my new car !!" "The paint I bought for my lounge won't come out of the tin when I try to paint my kitchen !!" Perhaps emachines are not so bad after all.....and before anyone takes me to court, yes I do know that policy originates with M$
  6. Tha General

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  7. gbhall

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    why on earth not wait for windows 7 ? It is already at release candidate stage, and should be released in the very near future. Initial reactions are that it is better than Vista in many ways. In fact, you can download and install it now, and use it until early next year before having to pay for it.
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