need help with Dell 2400

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Aug 7, 2006
  1. I just replaced the MOBO on my dell 2400 and in the process i screwed up the pins on the CPU and now need to replace that also.

    Can someone give me some help as to where to get another and what type or brand i should get.

  2. agi_shi

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    What kind of motherboard did you replace it with? What socket does it have, and what processors for that socket does it support?
  3. burbon

    burbon TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i replaced it with an original that i bought from

    Here are the specs for the board.

    Dell Original Motherboard for Dimension 2400 Series P4 478 Socket DDR Lan Audio Video BOARD ONLY. DP/N: 0K5148 K5148 Also compatible with DP/N: 0F5949, 0K5148, 0G1548, 0C2425, F5949, K5148, G1548, C24..
  4. es84

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    u should call Dell and get the part it is an OEM part . the proc is not cheap , they can give you the excat match , i recommend using the intel P4 or celeron that came with the original sysstem , it will work the best. ho many ghz is the proc ? the system has an Intel processor , however we need to match the details for the part , check the original system configuration and see what was the prcessor shiped with the system , or let me have the serial number or the tag for the system , i ll check it for u
  5. burbon

    burbon TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Do i have to replace it with the OEM can i use something else.

    Quick question. I have the old processor. like i said some of the pins got bent. Is there any way to fix the old one.
  6. es84

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    Replacing the processor , i am sure u want to get it right the first time, i strongly recommend u get the part fro m the origianla manucfacturer. , The proc is from intel , no matter where u get it from , only thing is , u can be sure that you are gettng the right proc , it is easier to match the corret speed and fsb this way

    there is no way to fix bent or broken pins , the system shoud not start with a broken processor ,

    u can straighten the pins and try though , just dont damage the mother board this time :)
  7. burbon

    burbon TS Rookie Topic Starter

    here is the tag # GZ20T31

    On the mother board where the processor goes in it has these numbers on it.
    mpga 478 b

  8. N3051M

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    You can. Carefully. Just return the pins back to its original positions by using a small tweezer or tool of some sort, but do it slowly and carefully, so not to further damage the pin to the point of snapping off (in which case you will definately need a new CPU)

    The CPU you are after is a Pentium 4 or Celeron with Socket 478, if you wish to replace it. Your original CPU is a Celeron 2.4GHz. If you wish to do some gaming or intense CPU processing in the future (such as rendering etc) then go with a Pentium equivalant, as opposed to the Celeron. Just make sure you have adequate cooling if you do so.

    Please guys, if you forget to write something, the edit button is there to help. Double posting without good reason is frowned upon, especialy with me.
  9. es84

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  10. burbon

    burbon TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok, i am not sure if this is right but here is a link to can you tell me if one of these would work.
    I would like to get it as close to the original as possible.

    If i have to get a oem replacement where would i get it from.

    Also i have another idea. I have a Dell 8300 with intell pentium 4 2.8
    can i put that processor in the 2400 and put a 3.0 or maybe 3.2 on the 8300 would that work. (my thoughts are if i have to spend some money to replace it maybe for a bit more i can upgrade my 8300).
    What do you think.
  11. vnf4ultra

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  12. burbon

    burbon TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks a lot i ordered it today.

    Do you think i will have any heat problems since the other processor was a 2.2 and this one is a 2.8
  13. N3051M

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    Shouldnt be much of a heat problem, unless you have realy crap cooling in your case to start with.. in which case a few added fans and cable ties can help eleviate the situation..
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