Need help with memory stick thats changed all my folders and files

By kylexy1
May 1, 2011
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  1. Hello, when i plugged in my memory stick this morning to finish off the last of my college work and to back it u to my computer i was greeted with all of my folders and files names being changed and unable to open any of them, is there a solution to fix all this as there is my years worth of college work on here. Also when I try to scan and fix my memory stick and attempt to recover bad sectors it stops and says "Windows cant check the disc while its in use" and asks if i want to force dismount.
    I have no idea how to resolve this and would appreciate any help at all as my assignments have to be in for Tuesday. Thank you.
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  3. kylexy1

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    Hi thanks for your reply, at the minute im trying to see if i can salvage anything as ive just found out the folder that has all of my work in has been converted into a single file, if it fails then i will have to try other methods. I will post if it works or not.

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