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By djspan101 · 4 replies
Apr 12, 2009
  1. hi everyone,
    I have a custom built PC that a friend built for me a couple of years ago and I think it is time to upgrade. I know that one option is a fresh build but as a student I can't afford that right now so I was thinking new mobo, RAM etc. any thoughts would be great so pleas reply asap!,
    dan :)
  2. Tritton

    Tritton TS Enthusiast Posts: 108

    ok well can you tell us what you do on your computer/what you want to be able to do?
    what is your CPU in your system spec's it only says intel core 2 duo ?
    what is your buget?
  3. djspan101

    djspan101 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 32

    specs etc.

    ok I usually use for graphics editing (photoshop cs3) and music production ( ableton live 6 and sony soundforge). I used everest for cpu info is in screen grab which I will attach. My budget is up to around £150.
    thanks for any help,
    Dan :)

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  4. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    Get a good sound card (X-Fi or ASUS XONAR) and another gig or two of RAM (do not go over 3GB). Your CPU is fine IMO.
  5. Tritton

    Tritton TS Enthusiast Posts: 108

    agreed RAM and a sould card is all you really need at the moment, how ever you could always upgrade your grahpics cards at a later date
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