Nero 6 showtime 2 doesn't work

By Gerry K
Mar 4, 2006
  1. I just purchased a Sony CD-RW DVD-RW which included Nero 6. When I try to play a DVD the Showtime 2 screen comes up for a split second and then nothing happens. This is after the update I downloaded from Nero's website. Before the download I was able to view the DVD, but the sound was always skipping or stuttering no matter which DVD I tried to play. According to the minimum requirements on the box I have just enough for it to work. It calls for a PII, 400MHz, Win XP and 1 GB of HDD space and 64 MB of RAM. I have just 400MHz, Win XP 512 RAM and 2.5 free HDD space. According to a Nero tech, I do not meet the requirements. His requirements were way higher,PIII,500 MHz 1.2 Ghz, 128 RAM.I am confused by the difference on the box and the tech's list.

    Thank You

    Gerry K
  2. Liquidlen

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    You don't post what your specs really are but, with your processor right at the bottom of the Spec limit you are really not going to be happy.
    When it comes to Multi media , Disk authoring etc. Speed, power and storage all come into play very quickly.
    If an upgrade is out of the question. You might try turning off everything you can on your machine. You can turn off processes, log off the Internet, disable periferals ,USB devices Screen savers.
    Make sure your HDD is clean , defragged and there is plent of Free space.
  3. Gerry K

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    Nero 6 showtime doesn"t work

    I used (msconfig) to stop some programs, defraged, and cleaned temp files. I also removed Nero and then added it again without any of the downloadable upgrades. Now I can view the DVD using Showtime 2 but the sound is still skipping. NOTE: when I play any DVD using Windows Media the DVD plays well and the audio is fine. Any suggestions?

    Gerry K
  4. mailpup

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    You may have misread the minimum requirements. The requirements on the box were probably for the optical drive itself while the requirements the Nero tech quoted were for Nero 6, two different things. The requirements for Windows Media Player are evidently less than Showtime 2. The fact that the optical drive works fine with WMP bears this out.

    So since Showtime 2 requires more than your system has, you have to use software that has lower requirements.

    By the way, Nero 6 has different requirements depending on what operation you are performing, i.e. writing audio and data discs, or DVD and video authoring or real−time capturing and burning.
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