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Mar 22, 2007
  1. may I just point out that I have trawled through the forums to find a solution to my problem but no success yet.

    Ok, i'm trying to set up a home network using a PC wired directly into a netgearDG834g router and a wireless laptop. I have run the network setup wizard in windows and it's not working.

    Even though both computers are connecting to the net with no problems, when i click on "View Workgroup computers" on my PC I can "See" the laptop but not access it, and when i do the same on my laptop i can't see my PC at all. I have tried plugging the laptop into a spare port via an ethernet cable but this makes no difference. File sharing is allowed on both computers.
    Any help would be great as i don't have much hair left on my head now...
    I'm running Zone Alarm on both PC's but it doesnt seem to be this.

    (both computers XP, sp2)
  2. gavilan

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    Ok what you need to do is set up folder shares on each machine. When you enable file sharing, it doesnt just automatically grant access to all the files on your system for security reasons. You need to set up shares for the folders that you want to grant access to. Find the folder(s) you want to share on each machine, right click the folder, and select "Sharing and Security" and follow the prompts. You can grant specific read/write permissions for each share as well. You can also share printers, which comes in really handy when you have a laptop.
  3. mezsh

    mezsh TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I might be being dumbe here, but i'm 95% sure that i've done this already. My friend brought his wireless aptop round a few days ago and he had the same problem, is there anything else I can try?

    Thanks in advance
  4. jobeard

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  5. mezsh

    mezsh TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i've done all this and still same problem
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