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Networking a xp home system to an xp pro

By deadhead35803
Mar 19, 2009
  1. I'm trying to network 2 desktop computers together. One has xp
    pro and the other has xp home. What I'm trying to do is allow both
    computer to access quickbooks. So either can make changes and it will
    reflect on both systems.

    This is a hard wired scenario (cat5 crossover cable) So far I've
    been able to get the system with xp pro to reconize the system with xp
    home. I made c: drive shared on both systems, I used the generic "ms
    home" name for my workgroup. I seem to be having 2 problems. 1st the
    xp home system can't gain access to the other system. I get an error
    saying that I'm not authorized and need to log in as a
    adminstrator....when I already am. 2nd since I can see the c: drive
    from the home edition on the xp pro computer, I went into
    quickbooks ( quickbooks is on my computer with xp
    home) made a simple entry change, and when I go to my xp pro computer
    pull up quickbooks the change is not there. This has got me
    stumped! Granted I know enough about computer networking to get me
    into trouble, but I'm trying to do this for a friend who knows even
    less. Any help would be greatly apperciated!! Even if someone can
    point me to a website that may help, because I've exhausted all of my
    resources here.

    frustrated and pulling hair out
  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 10,432   +801

    First, let's draw a wiring diagram:
    If you had a (router?) as located, then all systems would connect to it and
    networking is much simpler to setup.

    Using the serialized Pro--Home setup:
    • The workgroup name on both systems must be exactly alike
    • Both systems need the same user-login and password
    • Both systems need Simple File Sharing enabled
      • admin login
        use the Tools menu->Folder Options->View
        go to the bottom and [x] Use Simple Sharing
    • the freebe firewall needs the Exception for File Sharing enabled
    • forget sharing the C:\ on any system, that's intended for corporate users.
      Instead, pick a folder and Share it (on both systems if you like and they can be different names).
      • logon as admin, right-click the folder to be shared->Properties
        click Sharing Tab and complete the choices
    You should be able to then access the OTHER system using
    and get back a list of File/Print Shares on it
  3. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 10,432   +801

    oops; forgot the Quickbooks issue.

    QB normally installs for a single system and most users would not purchase the networked version. To make what you want work
    • the QB data file would need to be located in a Shared folder
      both systems would need a full install of QB
      only one system at a time could open the QB data file and need to close it
      to allow the other to then gain access and see the changes
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