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By frosted
Jul 7, 2006
  1. Hey, I'm knew here, and I have a few questions about networking two computers. I am somewhat computer literate, but don't get to intense with the insane terms. Anywho, you see, I have a computer (PC) (that I am on right now) on my first floor, and I am soon getting a free Mac for my basement. I am interested in networking the two computers so I can share an internet connection wirelessly (preferred method.) What would I need besides a router for this computer so that the mac can access the wireless energy, id, what instruments would I need to make it a wireless mac? Thanks in advance.
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    Hi, Welcome to Techspot.

    As you have said you need a Wireless ADSL Router, you will also need a wireless Nertwork Card or USB Dongle for one or both computers.

    I'll explain.

    your Wireless router will have capability to connect to one or more PC with either a USB cable or An Ethernet Cable or both depending on the Router you buy.

    You might want to have one of the computers connected to the router by one of the cables above to keep costs down and one connected wirelessly using a USB Dongle or card (which is fitted inside your computer).

    Or you might want to have both computers connected wirelessly (no such word as wirelessly as far as i know, but i am sure you understand lol)
    in which case you will need two dongles or cards, it's your choice.

    I would recommend getting two Dongles because you can just unplug them from the USB. and you dont have to have one of the computers near a phone socket

    Now i am not sure about the mac but the principle is the same so you should ask the retailer if the Dongle or card you are buying is mac compatable and that the driver software that comes with it has mac drivers with it.

    once you have decided what setup you want the rest should be fairly easy.

    hope that was of some help
    but i am sure another member will add to this so you will be more clued up
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