New build, no signal on monitor


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This isn't my first build and I know this has happened to me before but for the life of me can't remember what I did to fix it.

Mobo- H310M A 2.0
CPU- I5 8400T
Ram- Vengence LPX DDR4 CMK16GX4M2A2666C16
SSD- PNY 250GB windows preloaded
CD/DVD Drive

I checked the monitor and made sure it worked ( I actually used my main monitor on it), changed the cables and tried both VGA and hdmi, tried a 8400 video card when the onboard was giving me a no signal. I checked the website to make sure everything was compatible and it is. Took ram out one by one and still nothing. Any suggestions/help would be great


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By any chance does this monitor use a DVI cable?

There are three types, and newer monitors only like "Dual Link" connectors.

HDMI output might need to be enabled on an old 8400T.


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You say you tested/verified the monitor using an 8400 video card and everything worked. That suggests your BIOS is set to output video to a card/slot instead of the on-board video.

Check your BIOS settings (while using the 8400T so you can see what you are doing.) You can change the "initial display" setting to "on-board video" w/o losing the display.

Save your changes, power off, and connect the monitor to your MoBo. If you still get no display, you can switch back to using the card (the BIOS should detect that the monitor is plugged into your card and use the card instead.) If everything is okay, you can power back down and remove the card.
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Well based on your title you need to check out each part separately to find which part is faulty and then replace the broken part. Thats the secret of a lot of PC fixes.