New computer, monitor recieves no signal

By Frillydeath
Jan 31, 2013
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  1. So I just spent over $600 to get a decent gaming computer, no monitor included of course because I already have one. It just got here today and I hooked it up and it looks like it's running fine, beeped once on start up and the LED lights lit up and the fan was spinning. However, when I hooked up the monitor it says "No signal" for the DVI and VGA. I've tried two different monitors to see if that was the case but still said "No signal". This is frustrating and since the computer is new and expensive I'm scared to open it up and start messing with things because I have no idea what is what. (I'm only 15 btw, my parents don't know about computers at all so I'm by myself with this) Please help!
  2. St1ckM4n

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    Profile says female, 22 yrs old? :p

    Does the motherboard have a VGA plug? Try connecting to this until you get the graphics drivers installed.

    Also, post your system specs so we can see if there are no other problems..
  3. T77

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    If its brand new, then it's under warranty so you should not mess with the insides right away(it may also void you warranty.)
    You can always have it RMAed.Do as St1ckM4n said and connect the video cable to the mobo. It may be that the discrete gpu option may not be enabled in the BIOS.

    Once your display works(on integrated video) follow these steps:

    1. Press F1 or Delete on keyboard.(This is what I do to enter the BIOS aka Setup, you may have to press another key).
    2. Go to Advanced--->Chipset--->Northbridge--->Initiate Graphic Adapter--->PEG/IGD--->Exit and Save changes.

    *If the above steps work, then also update the drivers (Nvidia/AMD) from the manufacturer's website.Good luck:)

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