New Computer Will Not Power Up

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Dec 1, 2005
  1. Hey,

    I just recieved a computer from (all separate parts) and tried to put it together. This is my first complete build but I've had experience with installing individual parts (video card, hard drive, RAM). So I hooked this one all together and it seemed to be the right way, hooked the power switch up to the mobo, plugged everything in, pressed the button and.... nothing. It did not respond at all. I tried plugging in the power switch button every which way and nothing worked. I even called the tech support of both my mobo and case (FOXCONN and Cooler Master, respectively). However, neither one of the tech support agents had been speaking English for over a month and weren't very helpful. The Cooler Master people immediately said it was a motherboard problem and FOXCONN immediately said it was a power source problem (They both told me to short the pins with a screwdriver or paper clip). I would agree that it seems like this is a power source problem except for one thing. When I my computer is plugged in and I plug in my ethernet cable to my integrated network card, the l.e.d's for send and recieve begin to flash, letting me know that the motherboard is getting power. (Obviously, they turn off when I turn off my power source or unplug it). It is a very frustrating problem because I don't know if the motherboard is fried or i need a new power supply, or if something just isn't hooked up properly. Even as we speak I have stripped the computer down and started over. There is one detail that I will mention but I've left out so as not to bias the reader. The power supply I have is a 480W 20-pin connector and the motherboard has a 24-pin connector. Seems like the obvious problem, but the manual clearly says that although 24-pin is recommended, 20-pin will work. Any thoughts on this will be greatly appreciated.


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    Can you give us your motherboard make/model please?

    Just a guess, but a 20 pin connector will work IF you buy a special 20 to 24 adapter.
  3. steezasu

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    Computer Specs

    I'll just go ahead and give you the specs of my computer, as much as I think is relevant:

    Case: Cooler Master Centurion 5
    Mobo: FOXCONN 915P7AC-8KS (Socket 775, 8 Channel Integrated Audio, 533/800 MHz)
    CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.8 Ghz Socket 775
    Power Supply: Colors PSU 480W 20-pin
    Video: Diamond VGA Radeon PCIE 256mb
    Ram: A-data 1GB (2x512mb) kit
    HDD: Western Digital 80 GB HD
    DVD: NEC ND-3550A 16x DVD-RW

    I think that's pretty much it. As far as the adapter goes, the manual has a picture of a 20-pin inserted into the motherboard with no adapter, it has the 4 extra pins just sitting open.

    Thanks in advance,

  4. DonNagual

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    I can't find any downloadable user's manuals for it.

    Does it require 2 connections to the motherboard? The 20 pin in one spot, then a 4pin in another?

    Do you have any LED lights lit up on your motherboard?

    Did you TRY shorting the power switch as they recommended?
  5. steezasu

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    I've actually made a lot of progress since I last posted. In my first post, I said that I was going to redo the whole thing. Well I did, and I managed to get it to turn on. And I tested the power up with each component added. Now I am able to get to the bios. Unfortunately, I am now having a problem with my IDE connectors. My mobo has 3 ide connectors (two at the bottom of the computer, and one on the right (the opposide side of keyboard/mouse inputs). When I plug my HDD into the connector on the right (Which I found is IDE0) then the BIOS recognizes it (on the screen after the splash screen, but not the DVD Drive. (On the screen AFTER the screen after the splash screen, it says please "wait for IDE scan", then flashes with a list of IDE devices with the DVD on it, and everything else says unknown.) I'm not really sure what it means. However, yes my LED's are working now and the 20-pin connector goes directly in the 24-pin slot, there is nowhere else to put it. But as I said before, I'm plugging it in in the manner that was specified in the manual. Now, any help with the BIOS setup would be greatly appreciated.


  6. moogleii

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    how were you able to get the power working?

    I also have a foxconn mobo, and it's been working fine for the past 4 months. However, yesterday, I shut it off, flipped the master power supply switch, and unplugged the system. I replugged in the system, flipped the switch, and now I get no power. It's infuriating. I've tested the power supply by manually turning it on with a paper clip, so I know it's not the power supply, and I swapped case power switches, so i know it's no that either.

    Any input you can give would be great.
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